Innovative & High Tech Products

Advantage Of Our Products

We improve Hardware, Software and AIoT products and industrial solutions

Highest Accuracy Decision
High accuracy is achieved by processing the simultaneous data of that event, voice, image and sensor data using the AI Algorithms.
Future Compatibility
All the new hardware and software can be adapted to the existing devices so the customer does not need to purchase a new device for update.
Low Data Traffic Real Time
Time and Data traffic saving of the system by using its own artificial intelligence algorithms instead of sending the raw data to cloud services.
On The Edge AI Process
Edge intelligence allows a high level of data to be processed and analysed and for decisions to be made locally, without being sent to the cloud.

Our Products

We have AIoT + Software & Hardware design capabilities and transform it depending on the needs of customers/problems

Security & Smart Home Products

Reliable security systems detects Human

We have 3 products

1) Tam AI Solution

2) Tam AI Camera

3) Tamkod

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Agriculture Remote Working & Automation

Collect sensor data(moisture, heat...) to maximise efficiency and create AI for irrigation, fertilization

Internal camera lens & internal UPS

Live watching & tracking past video

Ability to send warning messages

Lights, motor control, projector, irrigation system can be switched on and off according to timed, indefinite manual or prefered weekly schedule

Industrial Solutions

Similar to operators/human Artificial Intelligence evaluates the situations and take right decisions. But smart cameras in the market do not have ability to decide. They make comparision between pictures. As we use edge ai tecnology, we do not need high end processors and send data to cloud. So taking decisions are in real time.

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About Us
We improve Hardware, Software and AIoT products and industrial solutions

Our Values;

  • Develop technology could be used in various application

  • Make products that works in challenging enviroments

  • Able to develop software and hardware that is embedded with the AIOT

  • Providing flexible and upgradeable solutions

  • Reliable/well tested products

  • We have focused on designs according to customer requirements such as processor, smart power control, ups, sound, camera lens and automation cards.

  • We have targeted towards[Edge AI] devices... the capabilities that we're building into the our software are primarily about deep learning, building own model, improving existing models with new data sets, ability to work with low hardware resources, machine learning.

Company Name Teknotam Teknoloji Araştırma ve Geliştirme Merkezi San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.
Phone Number +90 546 202 2476

Security & Smart Home Products

Tam AI Solution
  • Conversion of IP cameras to AIoT

  • Human detection with AI

  • Sensor Integration

  • Ups and Power of Intelligence

  • Stability Control

  • Live Monitoring and Record

  • Automation

  • IP Real Time Notification

Tam AI Camera
  • Human detection with AI

  • Door Guardian

  • Face Recognition

  • Dual Face Video Call

  • Door Bell

  • Sensor Integraion

  • Mobile

  • Solar Panel Integraion

  • Internal Camera Lens

  • Conversion of Standart Security System To Smart

  • IP Messaging and Real Time Notification

  • Easy Set-up

  • High Accuracy


The only system all around the world that can detect human by AI and works both IP and analog cameras

Tamkod AI solutions transforms existing cameras to AIoT human detection alarm system.

Tamkod AI solutions have the warning system that activates by human detections.

Tamkod AI solutions senses detects human and sense threats just malignant person touches to window. After warning signal is given, siren is activated if the threat still remains and a photo is taken and send. So defense begins before entrance to the property.

High Accuracy

Tamkod AI solutions detects human by using deep learning, so it disquish it from animals. Other systems detects by move or heat.

Confidential Technologies

Tamkod AI solutions really minimized false alarms and tested in 2 years period for improvement.


By activating the alarm, standard IP and Analog security systems can be converted to smart ones and human detection begins.


Detected human images are sent to the user in real time.


System is mobile, technical service is not needed.


Products are working on real customers. It has been proved that it works with high accuracy even in low resolution cameras.

Main Properties of Security & Smart Home Products

Usage Example Of Our Customers

Industry Solutions

Industry Use Cases of Our AIoT

Technology (artificial intelligence integrated with its hardware and software) will be offered only to individual solutions by developing special solutions.

Smart Twin

Let’s make the control system work as if operators are in the work stations as smart twin.

Special AI Model Designs For Your Requirements

Machine/deep learning can pick up details and errors and evaulates if anomaly could be acceptable.

Special Hardware Designs For Your Requirements

In some cases, Software may not be enough to meet requirements. Our hardware designs are ready for your special requirements.

Special Software Designs For Your Requirements

If you are in search of a partner with design professionalism that can run the software tailored to your needs without any problem 24/7, you are at the right place.